Computer Ease Services

Since 2004, Computer Ease has been providing a call out service, predominantly to business clients, also responding to some domestic and individual requirements.

Comprehensive IT management

It is very important to understand your business practices. having a clear insight of what it is you do and the preferred methods you have been using to achieve this. Computer ease will liaise with the various software vendors to establish compliance support to minimize glitches known as 'surprises'.

  • IT analysis. We first establish what your IT infrastructure consists of, then ascertain what you do, the various types of software used and advise best practice on the various options. 
  • Cloud Consulting. Cloud access to files, having your data where you need it has become increasingly important, we look at and discuss the best ways forward to the various mobility platforms available.
  • Data Back up. Off site managed data back up services, your data is backed up, checked secure and ready to recover in the event of disaster.
  • Internet NBN. This includes site survey, finding the best Internet connectivity solution.
  • Network design. Identify network requirements, this includes wireless hot-spots.
  • Call out service. Computer Ease has a call out service, we will call out to site, diagnose the problems or issue recommending best options.
  • Data Recovery. Computer ease has a data recovery bench in the event the computer becomes unusable or the drive decides to give and not read.
  • Internet trouble shooting. When the internet is down, we understand the frustration and have test equipment to identify Line, Modem, PC or network infrastructure issues. 
  • Email and Exchange. Computer Ease can migrate email to hosted exchange which replicates on all your devices and is also web accessible.

IT should be easy

IT should never be complicated, in today’s world, massive servers and on site back systems up not only take up space but are expensive to purchase, run and maintain making you reliant in IT professionals every time something goes wrong. You need your data safe secure readily accessible and have full control no matter where you are. Our Microsoft Data Centers offer Tier 1 high redundancy replicating servers, this means if one breaks down the next one takes over if am entire data center goes down in one S.A. The N.S.W Data center takes over guaranteeing 99.9% up time.